Thanks to volunteers at the OMBP

Mountain Bike Skills & Prep ClinicPBBA Members,

We accomplished a lot on our work day at the Odessa MTB park this past Saturday morning.  Our PBBA volunteers were assisted in the effort by the significant hard work of Taylor Saxton, his parents, and some of his fellow troop members. The trails were again damaged by the last two big rains and needed repair.  The following goals were achieved after about 4 hours of enthusiastic effort:

1. Trails were cleaned of rock debris

2. Eroded sections of trail were filled in and repaired

3. Several sections of trail were re-routed around low lying flooded areas.

4. We added a new bridge across a deeply eroded section of trail (just past the double jump)

5. A very large amount of trash and debris were hauled out of the park including numerous old tires,  decaying old couches, and scattered debris

6. The mesquite and weeds were cut back over the majority of trail system

7. Sand was cleared off the trail where it had piled up due to the rain.

8. Eight new trail name signs were staked

9. We painted the high bridge (over by the gas well)  from top to bottom.

I want to thank the twelve to fifteen PBBA volunteers and the scouts that sacrificed their Saturday to significantly improve the trails at the MTB park.  I truly appreciate your contribution to the Mountain Bike Community.

Steve Mitchell

PBBA Mountain Bike Director

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