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Randonneuring is a blend of distance and course riding based on the French term “randonnée”, which loosely means to go on a long trip. It is long-distance, unsupported endurance cycling and is non-competitive in nature where self-sufficiency is paramount.

In cycling, “Randonnering” means a hard-riding enthusiast who is trying to complete a long randonnée inside a certain time allotment. Note that a randonnée is not a race; we ride for camaraderie and to test ourselves against the clock, the weather, and a challenging route, but not to beat the other riders. Randonneuring stresses self-sufficiency as help can only be given at checkpoints along the route. Randonneurs are free to buy food, supplies, or bike repairs at any stores they encounter along the route. Once riders have successfully completed a 200-kilometer “brevet”, they are entitled to be called a “randonneur” or “randonneuse”.

Randonneurs in the USA are organized via Randonneurs USA

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To meet local cyclists and get more information about West Texas Randonneuring activities or to join the local riding group contact:

Charlie Adams – (432.559-4330)

Jennie Banta  (713) 443-5045

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