A message from Steve Mitchell, PBBA MTB Director

In an effort to prevent spreading the COVID-19 Virus at the Odessa Mountain Bike Park, as well as all bike rides, we must be vigilant and keep a safe distance from fellow riders/trail users.

This includes at the parking lot, the pavilion, and on the trail. Maintain a safe distance of at least 6-10 feet from one another. If you are not feeling well, have a sore throat, or runny nose, please stay home. If someone is getting uncomfortably close or not adhering to “social distancing”, please consider speaking up.

In this anxious time, being able to go for a ride at the OMBP is one of the few activities we can potentially do safely. Many parks are closing across the country however we will try to keep the OMBP open as long as members remain responsible.

Thank you and be safe
Steve Mitchell – PBBA MTB Director

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