Memorial Day Ride

Calling all Cyclists–Especially U. S. Armed Services Veterans, Get your service jersey and help lead this ride. Would like to have 50 – 100 cyclists come out and support our heroes on this holiday to wind up National Bike Month.

· Decorate your bars with a couple of American Flags.

. Ride off at 7:30 a.m. from Cpl. Ray’s

· Arrive at the Permian Basin Vietnam Vets Memorial around 8:00 AM +/-; Early is good.

· Set bikes on East side of the Memorial in a shady spot.

· Relax, get a cup of coffee, use the port-a-can, and visit a little while before the 9:00 a.m. Ceremony.

· Bring a little cash to make a donation to the Christian Motorcycle Association if you are a coffee drinker or want a bottle of water.

· Take some pictures to share with us on FB and this Email list.

· Wait for 1000 ? Motorcyclists to go by on their way to Andrews or Big Spring.

. Regroup and ride back to Cpl. Ray’s.

· Helmets required. Mirrors and lights are recommended

Questions? Message David Ham.

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