Club Meeting 9/17 – PLEASE ATTEND!

9/17/18 7 pm – Mission Fitness

We as Cyclists all envision a transportation system that encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation, which would include cycling. The City is working on trying to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian routes/lanes into current and future city infrastructure. Jose Ortiz, Director of Engineering Services along with Cristina Odenborg, Planning Manager and Laurie Williams, Assistant Director (all with the City of Midland) will be the speakers at our September meeting. They will have city maps available detailing current bicycle lanes and paths and their future plans to for additional lanes and paths. The entire presentation will focus on our needs. At the end, we will be able to address some of our concerns and ask them questions. The Midland bicycle community stands to benefit from this meeting, please plan to attend.

PBBA 9/17/2018 Monday Meeting Agenda
I. PBBA General news and announcements, 
a. Recap of Cyclefest
b. Other out of town rides – reports
II. Call to Action –committee reports and action items for approval
III. Jose Ortiz – City of Midland, Director of Engineering

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