Basin Trail Run 6/9

Midland Athletic Co. will be hosting the Basin Trail Run on June 9th. This is a 5K/10K/20K trail running race for anyone to participate in. If you’d like more information or details on how to register, please visit this site:

The Odessa Mountain Bike Park will be Closed to Mountain Biking from 8 AM to approximately 1 PM on June 9th (Saturday) for the Basin Trail Run.
  You will start to see wooden stakes, taping and sandwich boards posted around the park to effectively mark the course. Over 9.5 miles will be marked inside the park so please respect the work the race officials have put into this race. Please Bike around course markings!

By Friday, June 8th you will start to see some trail re-routes that will look like trail closures – PLEASE don’t bike over these, but dismount and step over them and continue on your ride. 

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