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Permian Basin Bicycle Association

Member of the League of American Bicyclists


Rock Stacker Challenge results

You can download the official results of the Rock Stacker Challenge here.


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Saturday,  November 19th – Beginners and Advanced Bike Skills Clinics 

Sunday,   November 20th – Cyclocross Clinic  

Both of these clinics will be taught by Chris Gescheidle, US Cycling Certified Coach.  

Find out more about Chris by  viewing his website  @ www.athleticvolition.com

They are limited in size, so please go to the following link and sign up today!

Here is the registration link for the Basic Clinic:


Here is the registration link for the Advanced Clinic:


Here is the link for the CX Clinic:


Please use the codes below for Discounts:

PBBA members:  

Use the code 10DOLLARSOFF2CLINICS to receive $10 off any 2 clinics, making it $40 for two

Use the code 15DOLLARSOFF3CLINICS to receive $15 off all 3 clinics, making it $60 for all three

Non-PBBA members:

They will use the code 20DOLLARSOFF2CLINICS to receive $20 off any two clinics, making it $80 for two

They will use the code 50DOLLARSOFF3CLINICS to receive $50 off all thee clinics, making it $100 for all three

Trying to decide?  Here is a note from Chris:

If you’re not sure whether to attend or not, or perhaps you’re thinking that this class just may be beneath you (for those of you who have been riding a while), please let me offer a plea. Everyone should attend a skills clinic.  As a cyclist, triathlete and racer in both sports, I can tell you that when I finally learned these skills, my cycling confidence, speed and handling improved immensely.  You see, when I was approached by USA Cycling to attend the Clinic a few years ago, I thought, “Why?  I’ve been riding a bike since I was a kid!”  But when I did take the class, (which lasted for two days!), I realized what I had been missing,  Stops, starts, corners, potholes, groups rides, rallies, the MS150,….everything was easier!  As a coach, I can’t wait to show every other rider what I’ve learned.


I realize some of you may be holding-out to see what the weather will be like (I understand!), but if you’re holding-out because you think you may not need this class, please reconsider.  The PBBA Board has invested a lot of time and effort to see that it’s members receive worthwhile education and training.  In this case, they have negotiated a registration fee that’s far less than most clinics would cost a person for an afternoon of learning.  What you will learn – and be able to put into practice every time you ride and race – is worth many times over the investment to attend.  Besides, it’s a lot of fun.  

Chris Gescheidle


Midland CX Race 12/10

Saturday Dec. 10th, 2016

11:00 am

Beal Park

5200 W. Wall St. Midland, TX 79703

$25 Registration

Download the flyer here